Helping you tell a better story

It’s frustrating when your work goes unnoticed or creates confusion.
Don’t let your beautiful and beneficial creations remain hidden. Your greatest assets are in the story you have lived.

Man not listening

I can help you take charge
and tell a better story.

Gain Confidence

A better story connects your value to others.

Engage Your Audience

Compelling communication
makes you memorable

Simplify Your Life

Clarity saves time & money

People listening

After a professional and personal crisis, I realized people were not listening to my story because I wasn’t telling my story.

I help people see their value and
strike a personal connection through an authentic story that blends
strength with vulnerability.

All I can say is WOW!!
Mark’s writing represented me and our work so well, and captured our conversation beautifully.
Everyone I’ve shown it to has been amazed.”

Whitney McDermott, musician and author


Let Mark get to know you and help you clarify your story.

Create a Strategy

Together we’ll create a specific strategy to increase engagement
with your desired audience.

Launch the Story

Enjoy and strengthen the conversations you’ve started.

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