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Unlock Your Storywealth

Thrive in Your Second Act

I’ll show you how to become more
connected, comfortable, and communicative regarding your story.

My storywealth-building tools will help you
gain the confidence, connection, and competence
that comes from being aware of and uninhibited
about who you are and how you’ve been shaped.

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What’s “My Story?”

More than a mere timeline, your story is an interpretive lens through which you perceive the world, process emotions, make decisions, build relationships, and pursue work. And yet, your story tends to operate below your conscious awareness as you effortlessly impose patterns on your experience.

We all have a story, but we differ widely in our awareness of our stories and the health of our stories.

What’s a “Healthy” Story?

A healthy story is a conscious and empowering interpretation of the patterns of beauty and brokenness you’ve experienced.

Broken stories are unexamined and negative filters that prevent you from thriving as a 50+ person.

The Benefits of Storywealth

Gain Confidence

As you connect to your story, you become more at ease with yourself, bringing welcome relief from stress, anxiety, and negativity.

Feel More Connected

Interacting honestly with your story companions helps create a deep connection with others–no matter how “different” they seem.

Clarify Your Calling

As you uncover your story patterns, your hidden value, skills, and purpose emerge and shine.

Storywealth Services


Uncovering storywealth requires more than information. You’ll need some gently guided experience and practice. My workshops are a chance to apply tools that reconnect you to your story and uncover hidden traits and talents.

Story Coaching

Story coaching (one-on-one or in small groups) activates your memory and helps you reconsider negative experiences. Strengthen your creative and entrepreneurial projects. Energize career and retirement plans!

Storytelling Help

One of the most gratifying ways to build storywealth is to write a memoir. I’ll walk you through this very challenging but rewarding process so your story has focus, structure, and feeling. People who read your story will realize it’s also their story.

All I can say is WOW!!
Mark’s writing represented me and our work so well, and captured our
conversation beautifully.
Everyone I’ve shown it to has been amazed.”

Whitney McDermott, musician and author

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