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Writing Portfolio: Mark J Bair

My writing ranges from professional profiles to website copy and feature magazine articles.

I wrote these two blog posts with Chris Kanski, owner of New Pillar Marketing:

Website copy for Solartex, a window treatment provider

This is an excerpt of the copy on the home page. A link is provided below.


For over thirty years, SolarTex Inc. has been expertly installing the highest quality window films to make residential and commercial spaces safer, more comfortable, visually appealing, and energy-efficient.

Annoyed by the morning or evening glare? Sweating monthly energy bills? Fussing with the thermostat? Worried about your floors, furnishings, and artwork fading?

Does your commercial space make a bold statement and leave a lasting first impression? Do the glass walls of your office or conference room need a sense of privacy?


Windows let in the light and offer beautiful views. But the light brings unwanted heat, glare, and damage to décor.

Our window tinting (solar) films are your affordable and visually pleasing solution to all these annoyances, and they are available in a wide range of tones and strengths from clear to dark.

The Benefits of Window Film

  • Window tinting film reduces energy costs and helps keep your space cool.
  • Window tinting film makes your space more comfortable by limiting glare.
  • Window tinting film virtually eliminates Ultraviolet light, making your furnishings stand the test of time.
  • Window tinting film increases daytime privacy.
  • Safety window tinting film strengthens your glass against crime and accidents by holding broken glass together.


This is another B2B sample:

How to Choose Your LLC’s Registered Agent

Is Your LLC Vulnerable to Legal Trouble?

Are you about to make your business a legal entity, a Limited Liability Company (LLC)? Perhaps you’ve already done so.

You’ve always worked hard to keep costs down. But you also want your LLC to stay out of legal trouble. We get that, and we’ve been sobered watching promising but uninformed business owners get blindsided.

Many first-time entrepreneurs overlook an important aspect of starting an LLC that has huge implications for their future: choosing a registered agent.  Choosing wisely will help you avoid huge, unexpected costs down the road.

This article will help you make the decision by:

  • Explaining the role of the registered agent in an LLC
  • Weighing the options
  • Exploring the costs

What is an LLC’s Registered Agent?

A registered agent is an individual or company that serves as the official point of contact for your LLC.

Official correspondence and legal papers relating to lawsuits sent from attorneys and government agencies will always go to the mailing address of your registered agent.

Your registered agent can be anyone over the age of 18 if they have a physical address in the state in which you formed your LLC.  A company can also be a registered agent.

It is also legal to appoint yourself as your LLC’s registered agent.


Comparing Options for Your LLC’s  Registered Agent

Hoping to save money, you might be tempted to be your own registered agent.

While it is perfectly legal to appoint yourself as your LLC’s registered agent, and it is cheaper than hiring one, we strongly advise you not to do so.

Why? As a registered agent, it is mandatory that you are available during regular business hours. Always. That means:

  • You’ll never be able to leave the office during business hours
  • Sick days are ruled out
  • Forget taking a vacation!

If you don’t receive legal papers because you were away from the office, it’s on you. Your business could end abruptly.  

For instance, a complaint is sent to your LLC.  You didn’t receive it because you were out, so you failed to respond. The court could impose a substantial judgment against your LLC with no chance for you to mount a defense.


Our Recommendation for Your LLC’s Registered Agent

Employing a third party to be your registered agent is your wisest course of action. Typically, the third party is a registered agent service or a law firm.

Hiring a registered agent service to be your registered agent will, on average, cost you about $120 a year, while attorneys tend to be more expensive—up to $500 a year.

Because they are experts who focus on this particular need, we advocate choosing a dedicated registered agent service.

A little investment upfront to help take away the needless stress of costly legal trouble.





One-Pager for Sales VP 2 Go

Investing in Your Sales Team Leads to Long-Term Growth

You have a good product. You’ve received good reviews on your services. But your sales team is stretched thin and inefficient. Perhaps your pipeline is stagnant. Maybe you’ve lost some promising team members. Your company doesn’t have the time to manage the sales team and can’t afford to hire a full-time manager.   But putting off investing in your sales team will cost you more in the long run.

That’s where we come in. We help sales teams grow. As your part-time sales manager, Sales VP 2 Go can set your team up for continued success.

Sales VP 2 Go’s Four Critical Services:

Sales Team Management

·       We’ll help give you back the time you spend managing reps to spend on other things.

·       Hiring a full-time employee can be expensive. We will help cut those costs.

·       We keep your reps on track to quota with feedback and regular check-ins.

·       We constantly audit your pipeline.

·       We help control employee turnover costs and ensure you find and keep top performers.

Sales Performance Auditing

With our in-depth evaluation of your sales team and processes, we can help identify opportunities for improvement and start implementing the steps to maximize potential.

Sales Enablement

Every sales team needs good information: straightforward content to engage their target buyers and knowledge of best practices and research for the sales team. We make sure they all have the information they need, all from a central, easy-to-access location.

·       Every minute that your reps spend searching for brochures, proposals, or other documents is a minute lost with the customer.

Onboarding & Training

·       We help you reduce the ramp-up period and keep employees longer.

·       Employee turnover is expensive and time-consuming. Onboarding new employees effectively make them more likely to stay and be more productive.

Taking care of your sales team is a top priority and ultimately cost-effective.

Sales VP 2 Go is the best choice for companies looking to increase sales and streamline their processes. We don’t overcomplicate it, and we’re affordable.

Schedule an audit today. Email us at iamready@salesvp2go.com

Feature Articles

I wrote thirteen feature articles for Evangel University based on interviews I conducted.

Article #1 From Hope Seeker to Hope Giver

Maurice Downey is passionate about teaching at Weller Elementary in Springfield, Missouri, the very school he attended when his life was full of struggle and uncertainty. But Downey is more than a teacher. He helps young people imagine their futures in a way they could not on their own. He knows the power of encouragement from personal experience. For every obstacle thrown in his path, there was a loving mentor who came along to offer hope to a struggling kid.   READ FULL ARTICLE

Article #2 The Accent of Service: Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan

“Call me Sam, please,” said the assuring voice on the phone after I nervously said, “Good afternoon, Your Honor.” I knew Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan exercised great power for many decades from my reading. But when I heard his voice, I immediately sensed he was humble and approachable. He soon told me that he came to America as a young immigrant, barely speaking English, with an accent—“which I still have because I like my accent.” Der-Yeghiayan’s voice is just one of his many distinctive traits. 

We had a wide-ranging conversation about his family roots in the Middle East, his journey to the United States to attend Evangel, his justice work, and his memoir, Throw it into the Sea, published in February. Der-Yeghiayan was born into an Armenian family of refugees in Aleppo, Syria. Most of his ancestors perished in the genocide of 1915 when the Ottoman Empire exterminated 1.5 million Armenians… READ FULL ARTICLE

Click to see the Fall 2021 issue of Evangel Magazine, which has seven feature articles I wrote.

I was given a recommendation from Erin Hedlun, Director of Marketing at Evangel:

Our university hired Mark to write several feature articles for inclusion in our official university magazine sent to alumni and friends. Mark did so well that we hired him again for the next magazine. He is an excellent communicator, quick to respond, works incredibly well with the interview subjects (who come from varied and diverse backgrounds), and is very timely in his deliverables. I would highly recommend him for future projects and freelance assignments!

See Erin’s official recommendation on my LinkedIn Profile:


Self-Help Article

[I blog on stories, art, and aging. The following article is about having a personal narrative.]

A few years ago, I came to realize I was choking from a toxic “all or nothing” story. But this story, operating below my conscious awareness, had been animating me for decades. So, in middle age, I’m in a revision process. Yet I’ve begun to experience sweet relief and hope for the future.

Human beings are narrative creatures. We are story-formed—we think, imagine, feel, and remember in stories. Each of us weaves these stories into a master story, “my story.”

Your story is not a mere chronology but an interpretive lens through which you view yourself and your experience. Your story significantly influences how you perceive the world, process emotions, make decisions, build relationships, and pursue work.

And yet, your story tends to operate below your conscious awareness as you automatically and effortlessly impose patterns on your experience. We all have a story, but we differ widely in our awareness of our stories and the health of our stories. READ FULL ARTICLE

Local Gallery Artist Interview

I pulled into the driveway across from Hoover reservoir on a rainy April morning. The road was jammed with people coming to watch the regatta.  Carole Bucklew welcomed me into her home and down the steps to her studio.

While she was getting us coffee, I looked at the pegboard on the studio wall where her many tools hung—wire cutters, files, hammers, pliers, and torches.  I also noticed a rotary drill with bits and burs for cutting, shaping, and grinding—the removing of sharp edges, burrs, and excess material.

For the last ten years, Carole has been a member of Studios on High Gallery (SOHG) in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. At SOHG the members share all the duties of running the gallery and pay rent. Part of the Short North art scene for thirty-five years, Studios on High is the oldest artist-owned and operated gallery in Columbus, Ohio.  READ FULL ARTICLE

Professional Profile Page

The was written for Thomas Hyland, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor:

“I understand what it’s like to struggle with life’s vulnerabilities. It can be heart-breaking when you or a loved one are suffering alone, enduring pain you can’t verbalize. Relationships can be sweet as well as risky and taxing. If you are experiencing shame, grief, conflict, anger, anxiety, trauma, abuse, or addiction, let’s connect.

“I will provide a safe place for you to be known and suggest tools to move toward healing.”

After serving in the US Navy in Vietnam and thirty-five years in a finance career, Thomas Hyland longed to help more people experience personal healing. This led him to a unique period of “retirement” in his life… READ FULL PAGE

Headshot and Portrait Portfolio

Because I provide photography services for people I interview, I included a link here:


Book Review

My review was first published on the Englewood Review of Books website.

One of the tensions all readers face, whether we are writers or not, is how to have literary heroes and still cultivate our own perspectives. We want to connect to communities, but not conform, to be educated but not indoctrinated. We become good at something by observing other artists and receiving a tradition. But we also hope to contribute something fresh.

In Studying with Miss Bishop, Dana Gioia invites us into his navigation of the tension. He introduces us to six fascinating people who’ve had a lifelong impact on his literary life. Gioia is a poet of considerable influence himself. His 2017 collection, 99 Poems: New and Selected, won the Poets’ Prize. He served as chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts from 2003 to 2008, then as Poet Laureate of California from 2015-2018. Studying with Miss Bishop was written to convey gratitude to the mentors who embodied particular passions that Gioia had nearly lost in the course of his academic training in the 1970s. READ FULL ARTICLE