My Writings

My work involves exploring beauty and brokenness by writing stories, contemplative essays, and book reviews.

Book Reviews

Lost in Wonder is a biography about the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Big in Heaven is collection of short fiction stories that embodies flawed and honest people trying to love each other. I would not call it Christian fiction even though it was written by a Christian.

Prayer in the Night is an invitation into God’s beauty by walking a more honest and vulnerable path.

In Studying with Miss Bishop Dana Gioia tells the story of how he learned from literary mentors, and still cultivated his own perspective and style. It is a captivating tale of how to be educated but not indoctrinated.


The links below will take you to a few stories about my life, which had their origin in a writers workshop at Kenyon College in 2018. The Writing Workshop I’ll Never Forget highlights the ways that the group fostered such vulnerable and creative writing.

“Hands” explores two of my earliest memories.

The Finger Reveals” is about learning from a simple injury.

Wounds” is a reflection on getting banged-up and what “healing” might mean.

Encounter with Beauty” is about an interaction from the bible when touch and texture triumphed over talk.

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