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  • Celebrating Mentors: A Review of Studying with Miss Bishop
    My review was first published on the Englewood Review of Books website. One of the tensions all readers face, whether we are writers or not, is how to have literary heroes and still cultivate our own perspective. We want to connect to communities, but not conform, to be educated but not indoctrinated. We become good… Read More »Celebrating Mentors: A Review of Studying with Miss Bishop
  • Hands and Wheels: An Ode to Tom Hyland
    Mark Bair March 2021 Note: This is a tribute on the occasion of my dear friend Tom’s retirement from his formal pastoral role. Most of us have probably had the experience of riding in a car with someone who does not keep their hands on the wheel. Maybe they’re eating, fussing with the radio, or… Read More »Hands and Wheels: An Ode to Tom Hyland
  • We Need Psalmists (II)
    In my previous post, I described modern psalmists as public servants (not necessarily professional) who embody a story with vivid imagery and whose body of work expresses the wide range of human experience. This writing reflects on our current efforts to be psalmists. Evaluating Our Body of Work My social and cultural experiences of the… Read More »We Need Psalmists (II)
  • We Need Psalmists (I)
    May music move our story alongEven if it’s not quite a song.May our voices paint the air with shalomEven if no one says, ‘what a poem!’ Since I began working through the Psalms consecutively, rather than skipping around to find a favorite, I noticed their variety of moods, subject matter, and the many roles these… Read More »We Need Psalmists (I)
  • Review of Prayer in the Night
    Prayer in the Night:For Those Who Work or Watch or Weep Tish Harrison Warren Hardback: IVP Books, 2021 Reviewed by Mark Bair, first published in the Englewood Review of Books I first encountered Tish Harrison Warren’s work in her book Liturgy of the Ordinary. As one who comes from a tradition that had only a negative… Read More »Review of Prayer in the Night