Beautiful Hands

hands of J

This is a short attempt to enter into the experience of a person in a biblical text: In the twilight, I wondered, is that him? It can’t be. When he came near the fire, I knew. He approached me and… Read More »Beautiful Hands

Beauty Exposes


Being a follower of Christ begins with exposure and mercy. His light continues to shine into deeper hidden areas of brokenness. Growth involves realizing “I’m worse than I thought!” But we can bear his revealing light because his loyal love… Read More »Beauty Exposes

Beauty and Sadness


In the introductory essay to a collection of poems evoking joy, Christian Wiman says there is a “special kind of pain” associated with joy. It is a homesickness for a home you were not aware of having. A longing you… Read More »Beauty and Sadness

Shards and Fragments

Archeologists sift through the ruins of ancient cultures. They gather shards and fragments (often broken pottery and partial manuscripts), trying to piece together the story of that place and people. I rummage for shards of broken beauty God has preserved in… Read More »Shards and Fragments

Stop Hiding


For years, I’ve been trying to tune into what other people want and tailor my writing—even my opinions—to that vague perception. I’ve looked for authoritative personalities to give me their stamp of approval. I was timid about my passions. I’ve… Read More »Stop Hiding