Sanctuary Ridge #9

half dome

A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep (Early May 2019) They walked briskly from the gallery.  Carrie opened the rear hatch of her black Explorer, and Jacob put his pack in. Then, still perplexed about his grimy appearance, she asked,… Read More »Sanctuary Ridge #9

Sanctuary Ridge #8

rv trailer

Go to Episode #9 Jacob’s Exile (Early May 2019) After walking back to Milago from the realtor, Jacob packed his equipment and drove east from El Portal. The rolling, tree-covered hills gave way to a dramatic carved terrain of gray… Read More »Sanctuary Ridge #8

Sanctuary Ridge #7

Yosemite Tunnel

Jacob in Eden (Early May 2019) Three weeks before he was wrestled to the ground at Sanctuary Ridge, Jacob Peterson was in California, above the rim of a glaciated granite valley at the golden hour before sunset. Weighed down with… Read More »Sanctuary Ridge #7