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Beauty Exposes


Being a follower of Christ begins with exposure and mercy. His light continues to shine into deeper hidden areas of brokenness. Growth involves realizing “I’m worse than I thought!” But we can bear his revealing light because his loyal love becomes more real. The beauty of God’s vision of shalom (peace with justice) exposes social systems that undermine human flourishing.

Christians are those who’ve had their prejudice and hostility toward God unearthed and at the same time tasted the sweetness of his mercy. We’ve been “undone” like Isaiah and been lovingly disciplined for attitudes and actions we were previously blind to. Should it be a surprise, or an offense, that Christ’s light would also search out and uncover blindness and callousness to social sins we’ve participated in? If I was at one time bigoted toward God and felt no pangs of conscience, isn’t it possible that I have unloving views toward people different than me?


Before I was a believer in Christ, I was not neutral toward him. I preferred my stance. I didn’t want to know more. 

Could it be that my social and political views are chosen in part to keep me from being disturbed? Does my fear attract me to the false beauty of undisturbed indifference?

Lord, please keep my heart soft and teachable. Teach me to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly.

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