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Mark Bair

I’m passionate about stories—reading stories, writing stories, telling my stories of my life, listening to the stories of others, and helping anyone tell a better story, more honest story.
Why? Because telling genuine stories has the potential to connect people on a deeper level.

Businesses, as well as faith institutions, would bring more value to society if they told better stories.

In the wake of a personal and career crisis, I discovered and gained access to what I now call storywealth.

Now I help people see their value and connect to others by uncovering and telling their authentic story–one that blends strength with vulnerability.

In a season of failure and soul searching, I became aware of a distorted story I was telling myself. I had a broken narrative, in which my sense of identity was shaped by, “I have succeeded at this,” or “I have failed at that.”

Gradually, I came to see that the real and comprehensive story of my life is not about being a hero. Nor is it about being a failure. My story is that God has pursued me in spite of myself. I call it a beautiful intrusion.

As a result of that painful period, I began to write stories about finding beauty in the brokenness.