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The Liberating Tremor: A Christmas Poem

I’m done trying to perfect this poem. Here it is.

The Liberating Tremor Mark Bair 2020

Dreaming longingly
For her wedding day,
She was disrupted
By a divine disturbance,
A tremor tearing
Terra firma under her,
And pouring privilege prodigally. 

‘Why me?’
‘Why has a debtor been so dignified?’
‘Why is one so lowly so lifted?’

Stunned by tender mercy,
She wondered why
She was crowned.

She said ‘I am yours’
To the Ruler who stoops.
Her shackles shattered,
She knelt nobly
As he fastened the gentle yoke.
Her joy burst forth
Even as she surrendered.
Believing she obeyed
Obeying she believed.

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