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Stop Hiding


For years, I’ve been trying to tune into what other people want and tailor my writing—even my opinions—to that vague perception.

I’ve looked for authoritative personalities to give me their stamp of approval. I was timid about my passions. I’ve often thought and written defensively, over-qualifying my position until it was safe and bland. 

Here’s what I realized: the reason I go unnoticed is that I don’t notice myself. Why do I expect people to notice me and my creative work when I look away from myself in shame? 

Stop and look at what is already in you around you. Listen, because God is speaking. He is speaking in your longings and your wounds. He is speaking in your surroundings and your friends. 

He is speaking in your longings and your wounds

The stakes are high. If you don’t stop and notice God’s gifts and listen to the story of your life, you will only notice other people to envy and fear. You will seek external validation for your opinions and your art. Your self-disclosure will be muted and calculated. You will ensure that originality is suppressed.  The art God created in you will not be released into the world. The people who need to experience your unique voice are not blessed. 

I call on you today to join me in a vulnerable rebellion. Embrace the gift of being yourself–the self that God created, the self that has a story to tell. Stop and look at that self. Listen to that story. It’s close at hand, waiting to come into the light of day.

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