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  • A Vision of Disruptive Beauty
    In the first chapter of the book bearing his name, Jeremiah received his call to be a public servant specializing in words, a disruptor of false peace—a prophet of God. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,and before you were born, I consecrated you;I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5) The… Read More »A Vision of Disruptive Beauty
  • The Waiting is A Weight
    A poem I wrote in 2019 This waiting is a weightAn unbearable boulder  My loss of dominion a millstone. A weight I can’t lift. This delay is an affront!I want my paper throne back!It blew away today.I can’t waitTo be back to normal. My King’s burden is lightBecause his glory is heavy.When he is liftedUp the treeBefore my gaze,So… Read More »The Waiting is A Weight
  • The Joy of a Feast
     I close my eyes and a view opens from a seat at a dining room table. Through a large bay window, past the wonderfully wide dogwood tree and its birds, I gaze across the valley. I see a commanding ridge that overlooks a lake.  For a moment I soar over the house like a hawk… Read More »The Joy of a Feast
  • The Liberating Tremor: A Christmas Poem
    I’m done trying to perfect this poem. Here it is. The Liberating Tremor Mark Bair 2020 Dreaming longinglyFor her wedding day,She was disruptedBy a divine disturbance,A tremor tearingTerra firma under her,And pouring privilege prodigally.  ‘Why me?’‘Why has a debtor been so dignified?’‘Why is one so lowly so lifted?’ Stunned by tender mercy,She wondered whyShe was… Read More »The Liberating Tremor: A Christmas Poem
  • Musings of an Advent Rookie III
    This is the third installment documenting my attempts to participate in the Advent season, which takes place over the four weeks before Christmas.  In Advent, we are invited to long for the beauty of Christ’s coming even as we look honesty at the brokenness of the world and our hearts. I am so grateful for… Read More »Musings of an Advent Rookie III