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  • Beauty was Buried Under My Distorted Story
    I stood nervously at the bar waiting for Andy, contemplating the ridiculous number of craft beers on tap. We were college roommates over thirty years ago but had not connected since.   He recently called, saying I had been on his mind. I was nervous because I knew he had earned a doctorate in linguistics and… Read More »Beauty was Buried Under My Distorted Story
  • Beautiful Hands
    This is a short attempt to enter into the experience of a person in a biblical text: In the twilight, I wondered, is that him? It can’t be. When he came near the fire, I knew. He approached me and held out his hands. His skin had topography. The terrain of his right palm had… Read More »Beautiful Hands
  • Review of A Heart Lost in Wonder
    NOTE: My review was first published on the Englewood Review of Books website, one of my favorite places to find engaging works. In A Heart Lost in Wonder: The Life and Faith of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Catherine Randall sets out to give us an “accessible, reader-friendly version of Gerard’s life” that “takes his theology seriously… Read More »Review of A Heart Lost in Wonder
  • Beauty Exposes
    Being a follower of Christ begins with exposure and mercy. His light continues to shine into deeper hidden areas of brokenness. Growth involves realizing “I’m worse than I thought!” But we can bear his revealing light because his loyal love becomes more real. The beauty of God’s vision of shalom (peace with justice) exposes social… Read More »Beauty Exposes
  • Beauty Invades the Body
    In the last few years, I’ve begun to enjoy reading poetry. But I love what can happen when a poem is repeatedly heard, spoken, and recalled. It becomes a living thing that takes up residence in your body. Spurred on by the advice of Dana Gioia, I’ve been trying to memorize a poem. And wow!… Read More »Beauty Invades the Body