Mark J. Bair

Sanctuary Ridge #12


Misled (Late May 2019) The call from Scarlett filled Jacob with considerably more dread than he already had. So, he avoided walking through the door of his father’s house a while longer by walking out to the old path of… Read More »Sanctuary Ridge #12

Sanctuary Ridge #11

rail road

Jacob at the Doorstep (Late May 2019) Jacob left the campground east of Santa Fe around noon. He’d been sober a day but had trouble sleeping the night before. He drove nearly non-stop for the next 36 hours, stopping for… Read More »Sanctuary Ridge #11

Sanctuary Ridge #10

nails and thorns

This episode has been split into two videos, #10A and #10B. The text is all one piece below the 10B video. The Sanctuary is Veiled (Late May 2019) Back on Sanctuary Ridge, David Peterson and Homer Bardly sat out on… Read More »Sanctuary Ridge #10